History and winners


In 1995 the representatives of capitals – Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Ljubljana – met in Budapest. They agreed to regularly organize youth sports tournaments under 17 years of age. According to the approved criteria, in 1996 the first year of the 4 Cities Tournament was in Budapest and then in this order – Bratislava, Ljubljana, Vienna. In 2008, the basic principles of the tournament were changed, the most important was new member of this tournament, the city of Zagreb and the change of the name to the 5 Cities Tournament. However, in 2014, the capital city Vienna resigned from the tournament without giving any reason (they did not participate in the tournament in Budapest in 2014), which means that after agreement the other 4 cities had the tournament renamed back to 4 Cities Tournament.

The aim of the tournament is to allow young athletes to compete internationally with sportsmen in the same age, giving them the opportunity to establish not only sporting contacts but also friendly relationships and enable them to learn about life, culture, gastronomy and traditions in other countries and cities.

Winners of the last 10 years from 2008:

Budapest, 2009 BUDAPEST
Vienna, 2010 ZAGREB
Bratislava, 2011 ZAGREB
Ljubljana, 2012 BUDAPEST
Zagreb, 2013 ZAGREB
Budapest, 2014 ZAGREB
Bratislava, 2015 ĽUBĽANA
Ljubljana, 2016 LJUBLJANA
Zagreb, 2017 ZAGREB
Budapest, 2018 BUDAPEST

Winners in the last 4 Cities Tournament in Budapest 2018

1. Zagreb Budapest Zagreb Budapest Budapest Budapest
2. Budapest Zagreb Ljubljana Zagreb Ljubljana Zagreb
3. Ljubljana Ljubljana Bratislava Bratislava Zagreb Ljubljana
4. Bratislava Bratislava Budapest Ljubljana Bratislava Bratislava